What am I doing wrong?


Jul 29, 2016
Hello, ive been following BYC for a couple months now researching everything I could before I registered to ask noobish questions but I must say I don't think that is working to well.

A little bit about my situation, I recently got me 30 cornish cross 6/11/16 from a local hatchery, it was warm enough to let them go straight outside into their 7x7 tractor, we used 2 24'' chicken feeders that I kept as full as I could ( I work 2pm to 10pm everyday ) while using a 21% protein crumble, After the first week of having them I put them on a 12/12 feeding schedule and found out quickly they were picky eaters and would not eat the finer crumbs that were on the bottom. So I had my wife who is a stay at home mom feed them a couple times a day while I was at work, but they would still not eat what was at the bottom of their feeders. I weighed them at around 3 weeks and they were very far behind what whelp hatchery said the standard was. I have had them for 6 weeks now using the same routine as I have been and my biggest birds weigh 2.5 lbs. I went out today and bought a 30 lb hanging gravity feeder, but my question to you guys is will this be sufficient enough to get them to target weight before they all start flipping?


Mar 27, 2016
They may be growing slower due to the heat. I don't usually raise them in the heat of summer here, they don't handle it well. You should be fine getting them to size it may just take a week or 2 longer.

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