What am I doing wrong?

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  1. Ok, I started back in Nov or somewhere in there trying to incubate eggs, the first batch made it so far and died, the second didn't do anything, third nothing again, 4th nothing, just checked on my 5th and nothing again. The chicks I had two develop, but died somewhere around day 14 or so. I'm so frustrated. Should I take the incubator back to where I got it from and say it don't work?
    I know it's all in the proper temp, and humidity. Maybe I need to invest in a fan, and build my own homemade incubator. Please help!
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    Jul 31, 2007
    where are you getting the eggs??
  3. What kind of incubator do you have? Are you certain the eggs are fertile? Have you cracked them open to see what's going on? What kind of thermom/hygrom do you have?
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    I would check your thermometer/hygrometer to make sure it's reading the right temps. I would crack open some of your eggs and make sure they are fertile I check mine for a week before putting any in the bator. What kind of incubator do you have?
  5. I have a Little Giant still air incubator. The first three were shipped from Lisa and Julie. Mine are fertile, but haven't let them set for a week before putting them in. Should I , and how does one tell? Maybe I need to change to a different thermometer. I have a taylor hydrometer in there and the manufacture thermometer.
    I seen a post on this one guy that built his own bator, and will have to look for it.
  6. I would get a reliable thermometer/hygrometer first and see just what's going on with your readings. The factory supplied thermometers can be really poor. If you're sure the eggs are fertile, then that's where I would start.
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    I had 3 thermometers going, laid on top of the eggs. I did better with hand turning (amazing). I had a better hatch keeping the temps around 101, and lowered my humidity to 45-50 percent, and about 65 to 70 day 18. I also did break the no-go eggs to learn. I only let them sit a day. Those are the corrections I made, and my hatch improved. I got 0 the first time. Hope this helps.
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    I'd seriously think about getting a different bator. I know a lot of people have the LGs and like them, but I never had any luck with mine. I try not to even use it as a hatcher anymore.
  9. Ok, so I bought an accurite today, and it's slowly climbing up to temp. I am already guessing that it wasn't warm enough. I will wait and see. Thanks everyone.
    Does anyone know how to wire a fan in? If so pm me with instructions please. I got two pc fans today.
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    I just spliced my computer fan into a 12v adapter if it doesn't work the first time flip the wires around. I just used a heavy duty double stick tape and stuck mine where they say to install the one from lg.

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