What am I doing wrong?


5 Years
Jun 20, 2014
Sandy, oregon
I got 8 cochin bantam frizzle eggs in ebay. One wasn't fertilized after I candled at day 7. The others developed nicely. They were at 98 to 100. Could have gotten a little cold or a little warm but I adjusted as soon as I noticed. Turned them two or three times a day. On day 16 or 17 I found my disappearing hen (easter egger bantam) who it turns out was broody. So I gave her the eggs. 3 hatched and two died. :-( the one chick is doing great. I want to try again but I'm afraid. I have read about having three thermometers. Should I do that? Last time I had silkie eggs. I had two mamas sitting on 6 and got 3. They would leave some out and they got cold or pooped on. So I know what happened there.
Is your incubator forced or still air? Did you calibrate your thermometer and hygrometer before you started incubating? What was your humidity during the first 18 days and after you locked down?

I think we all have our great failures and successes while figuring out the whole incubating thing. I know I sure have. You definitely learn as you go, it seems to get a little easier and more rewarding every time I try.

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