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Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by goatstone, Apr 17, 2016.

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    This guy/gal was sold as an Araucana, but I thought those are supposed to be rumpless? She/he does have little tufts on the cheeks. Sorry for the bad pic. It won't hold still for a pic, nor can I manage to catch it. It has started to develop a small red comb and is acting the most aggressively of all my 15 birds. Of my 3 BR's I'm certain 2 are roos.....really read combs and wattles, with the broad gray banding. The third BR lacks all those. Anyway...today this chick was jousting with one of the probable BR roos. It's 5-6 weeks old now if that helps.

    So my question is....Is this a roo and what breed is it? Ameraucana? Easter Egger? [​IMG]
    The flash in the eye is perfect for his/her personality. Kind of evil.
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    It's an Easter Egger - often sold as "Aurauacana, Ameracauna, Americaun, or even Araucana/Ameraucana strain" -- I am leaning cockerel in looking at this photo, but - as you said - not a great picture ...... does the comb appear to be developing as a pea comb and, if so, is there one row of peas visible or three?
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    It does look like a pea comb.I can barely make out what looks like two smaller rows outside the larger center row. Reddish...but small. I can't get close enough to really examine. This bird is the wariest of the bunch.
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