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Jun 23, 2009
Thorn Hill, TN
The rainbow assortment from MPC has either been the most fun I have had lately or an absolute exercise in frustration. As I stand over the brooder and scratch my head yet again, I still have no solid guesses, or too many guesses, on some of these lovely ladies.

For your consideration tonight is one of our lovely ladies. She has a single comb, which threw my original guess of SLW right out the window. Let the guessing game begin. All three pics are the same chick. The last pic was taken on the day they arrived.



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I have three others that I think are silver spangled hamburgs. They are smaller, have flat combs, looked just like the pics I found of hamburgs, and are flighty as all get out.

This one and its twin, I just can't figure out.
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My guess is a silver sebright. They have those dark colored legs and it looks like she holds her wings down like they do.

My SLW from MPC has a single comb...but your doesn't look anything like mine

Here is mine the day I got her

And her at a week and a half old

I know for the wyandottes a lot of the hatcheries have single combs because they don't filter out the non standard birds. Also rose combs don't have a great fertility rate so they keep the single combs. Maybe it is the same way for Sebrights...just a thought.
After much more headscratching, catalog searching and trash digging ( to figure out which hatchery these might have came from), my latest guess is exchequer leghorn. The chicks shipped from zip code 44866 which is where Meyer Hatchery is located and they do have exchequers. Any thoughts?

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