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Jan 14, 2009
Bond County, Illinois
Whew, just got back from the hospital . . .my DH was out setting up 2 x 4's to lay along the top of the barn roof to get ready to lay the roof. . .we had high winds today, and he is a hard head and even if I would have said it might be a good idea NOT to mess with the barn today, he would have done what he wanted anyway! The wind toppled one of the 2 x 4's, which of course came down on his head. It split his forehead open from the temple to the center of his forehead. He was dazed but knew enough to get into his truck and drive back up to the house. I was on the computer working and our 9 year old was doing math, when this bloody mess come staggering into the front door.
I do try sooooo hard not to panic, but a couple of OMG's did escape before I could stop them. Got him a towel, got DS dressed (he was chillin' in his boxers) and out the door we went. Seventeen stitches later he was showing the signs of a heck of a shiner and no brain damage from the CT scans. They did keep him overnight, as he is on massive amounts of medications for his conditions, for which I was very grateful.
DD drove 25+ miles with her two girls to help me, because he was so intent on getting into the house he forgot to shut the gate and the girl Alpacas got into the pasture with the BOY Alpacas, and boy did we have a breeding free for all
. . .one of GP's escaped, but he came right back in when we called, so I had to come home as soon as I knew what they were doing with h im, and get the sexes back in their respective pastures. Have to deal with the possibility of illegal babies tomorrow. . .I don't think I have too much to worry about
, because two of them were pregnant and didn't let the boys near them, and if the other two got bred, then an ultrasound will tell the tale in a month or so. Wasn't what I had planned for my breeding program, but will work it out. I think I am going to bed.
Wow, what a day! Thank goodness that DH of yours has you for a wife! Glad he's going to be ok, and I hope you can get a good night's sleep!
I probably sounded like a rip over the accident, but I swear I tell that man things and he is like the most hard headed person I ever met. The doctor even told him as she was stitching him up, "if your wife ever tells you that you are a hard head . . . believe her!!" It split it all the way down to the bone, and didn't put a mark on it. He is so lucky. He has diabetes and blood pressure issues and so many other things, I was honestly scared to bring him home because of what could happen as a delayed reaction. Be glad to see tomorrow, and see how he feels. He had a heck of shiner when we left the hospital tonight. I can imagine how he is gonna feel tomorrow!!
...he's gonna feel BAD, poor guy! Is he like many other DH who make terrible patients?
Poor guy has had one thing or another wrong with him since we were dating when we were teenagers.
He was always very good about it, but since he has been on disability he wants to "talk and talk and talk" about things. . .which I don't mind, but after awhile I run out of encouraging things to say and start zoning out . . .I already cautioned DS that we are going to have to hear, "do I have a bad scar", or "did I look bad when I came in the door?" Well, duh yes, dear. Blood from one end of your head to the other! And, that will only be the beginning. But, it could have killed him if it would have hit him some other way, or hit him in the front of his face and really messed him up, or an eye. He is so dang lucky!! He knows it too. Again, I am just so relieved that the emergency room doctor called our primary care dr., and asked his opinion. He said with everything he has going with him, an overnight stay would be a good idea. Love that doctor!!!
Ouch ouch ouch!!!!!!!!!!!! I would not like his headache today! ... Hugs to you and
to your DH with a
for not doing what his wife told him!...

Hope you ALL recover speedily....
Maybe the blow to his head will soften it a bit. Knock some sense into the poor guy. Why are men so hard headed anyway? I guess maybe to keep the 2X4 from going all the way though it. I give up with them. I'm glad he's going to be ok, you hang in there, I know, it's tough raising hubbies. Worse than kids. Oh, tell him the scar adds to his rugged charm, maybe that'll cheer him up a bit. (Flattery gets you everywhere with men.

Illegal alpaca babies? I don't get it. (and how many can I sneak onto an acre?)
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