what and when to feed quail during their life cycle?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by birdbrain444, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. birdbrain444

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    Nov 16, 2013
    i have chukar, bobwhite and blue scaled quail and was wanting an educated opinion on the best way to feed them from day old chicks to breeding adults.. and at what age and how to switch from one feed to another... also any supplements that should be given..grit,calcium,medication, etc...? thanks

  2. dc3085

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    Day 1-60 I feed 30% gamebird starter. I put vitasol in the water for the first few days to give them head start.

    Day 60 I switch to 24% gamebird layer and I begin feeding oyster shell freely.

    Only feed grits if you are feeding them something besides gamebird food i.e. greens. Grit is to aid in digestion of non water soluble foods (Gamebird food is water soluble)

    They won't fight in the hatcher or brooder like bobs and chukars do (unless you have a zillion in there)

    If you can raise chukars there is no way you'll have problems with these.
  3. marksouth

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    Jul 11, 2013
    Hey DC, I'm getting 2.9- 3.4 calcium in my layer feed. Do you think I still need to put out oyster shell?
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    I've read that the calcium is bad the roosters kidneys so I try, key word try, not to feed anything that already has calcium and only feed oyster shells. That said good luck finding the perfect gamebird food every time in most places. I have to place a special order every other week at my feed store to get the right stuff and I forget to do it as often as I remember to and end up having to feed whatever is on the shelf. The whole first year I did this I fed my birds stuff with 3.5 calcium and had no issues.

    Short answer is you can feed oyster shell if you like and they will eat as much of it as they need. If you see they aren't eating it, don't waste time/money on it.

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