What and where are the BEST identification leg bands????

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by k2chickens, Jan 11, 2010.

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    Im going to need them soon. Im looking for ones that are easy to put on and take off. Thoes big clunky alumnium/metal ones look like they would hurt my birds, that and it makes them look like prisoners! lol maybe i could get "the warden" in here to elaborate lol. There are a few on e-bay for like 7 bucks that are elastic/stretchy kind that look nice, but they will not fit adult birds..only up untill about 7 to 8 months old i was told. I thought about zip ties but i think they could rub/cut my birds as well. Maybe if i sanded the inside where their leg's touch and up on the edges of the zip tie then maybe it would work. I do like the colors they come in, that would make it easier to identifi my other bloodlines of my same breed. Thoughts?
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    the best purchase i ever made was for leg bands. i got them from a member of BYC that has a website.... hoofandhenranch.com i believe is the site.
    they are on our adult buff orpingtons and they just open up if you need them off, otherwise they dont' come off at all. they only offer i think 10 or 11 colors i think and we have 12 hens so i had to double up on a couple colors. but that was easy because if you for instance had a batch to hatch, they could have all green (if you're not naming them) or you could do all green with another color on them as well to tell the difference between each, and each group. (if all that makes sense)
    they were very inexpensive and I 'spoke' with someone on BYC and through the website with questions about sizing etc when i purchased. very helpful and nice.
    i think they do (or atleast did) offer a discount on a pruchase if you're a BYC member so that's nice too. I think i got 15-20 (i don't remember what i purchased) for less that or right around $5.00.

    Hope that helps.

    Birds didn't like them at first but by the end of the day, they didn't and haven't even paid attention to them.

    i had the same concerns about zip ties and metal bands. this was soooo much better and easier!
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    Apr 22, 2009
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    Quote:thank you for your post, this really helped me [​IMG]
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    Well, I will tell you why we like the big chunky metal kind.
    I had 3 birds stolen from my back yard you see.
    I want bands that I can print my NAME on, not just some random code of numbers.
    I want bands that have to be SEALED with pliers so that joe blow can't just slip them off.

    I am planning on ordering these: http://www.ketchummfg.com/Adjustable-Seal-Leg-Bands-Colored-Aluminum-Numbered-and-Lettered-p468.html
    I have 13 chickens and I'm ordering 100 of them. Not planning on changing my last name anytime soon, so they'll be used eventually. [​IMG]
    I don't think they bother the birds. Up till now I have used zip ties on a few birds for IDing them.
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    Best place to get them.

    Cutler's Pheasant & Poultry Supply


    I bought the number bandetts there. They have all color and number from 1 to 100. very helpful and friendly people.
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    i see your point with the metal leg bands, i guess im one of thoe's people who think "give a chicken an opportunity to hurt it'self and it will" kinda guys.

    Yes cutler supply is a great place to look, thanks for reminding me!
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    cybercat Is there some 'give' in the plastic bandettes? Even with the spirals the roos and hens each needed a different size. I'm thinkin those adjustable metal ones might be the way to go.
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