What APA Standard of Perfection color is this Muscovy duckling?


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Jan 25, 2010
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What APA Standard of Perfection color is this Muscovy duckling?

His siblings are chocolate, as are his parents.

Brenae named "her" Daisy....but has now changed "his" name to Donald!



It may be a Lavender(Self-Blue)... depending on the genetics in the background it would be possible for that color to pop up out of Chocolates. It could also be a Lilac. Is it a girl?(hard to tell in the pics) My Self-Blue girls this year have been MUCH lighter than their brothers, they're still coming into their colors at 4 months old.
The top 2 pics look lavender..but the 3rd pic looks like a couple I have hatched. The two I have compared to lavender look tan'ish or beige in color. Does it look light blue or light tan\\beige to you ?

Here are a couple of pics of them. I need to get updated pics as they have feathered out a bit more now.

Possibly, the only way those two can be silver is if my Lavender drake is split to blue(which he would then be light lavender) or if my Silver hen is split to lavender- then offspring would be light lavender(which is Lavender diluted from the blue). I haven't seen any pictures depicting light lavender or silver lavender(another possibility). The only drakes with the silver hen is my Lavender and Piebald Chocolate.
I will post more pics later on.
just had the same parents both chocolates then this color lol all other ducklings are chocolate colored

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