What are Cocci symptoms? worried about the rest of my hens.....

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    I've just had a hen diagnosed with having a large amount of Coccidia in her GI tract. So, my question is, what do I look for with the rest of the flock? What are the symptoms?

    I've never dealt with this so looking for advice on what to do. I've seperated the hen who has the problems. Everyone else looks fine, but I can only assume they are carrying some in their system already.

    Any advice?
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    classic picture is a young chicken, lethargic, feathers puffed up, may or may not have bloody stools, won't eat or drink, and sits in a corner alone with eyes closed a lot.

    It doesn't usually hit older hens unless they are immunocompromised, from what I have read.
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    When my chicks had cocci their symptoms were:

    Bloody poop
    loss of appetite
    ruffled feathers
    obviously loss of weight

    It spreads REALLY fast. After my first chick died of cocci (Before we found out it actually WAS cocci)

    We let them all out to run and play and BOOM one started acting sick and later died. It's terrible

    so keep your sick babies away from the healthy ones, in a whole different air space, and treat them ASAP!

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