What are my 'red pullets'?


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Mar 30, 2014
Hi there-
I got 'red pullets' from Tractor Supply a little over 2 weeks ago, I think they are 2 weeks, 5 days old. The feathers are coming in light brown and red. will the light brown feathers stay that way? One of the chicks was very light yellow when we got it, the feathers coming in on that one are much lighter... do you think they will stay that way? Anyone have pictures of grown 'red pullets'?


I suspect your red pullets are some variety of red sex links. Here's a picture of one of mine.

Sorry, it's a little dark. They lay big brown eggs.
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They're my favorite "breed"! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
I have four red sex links from TSC too (also were called "red pullets"). Make sure they have LOTS of space or they will bully each other a lot. They're very people-friendly and lay a lot of eggs, but can be kind of chicken-aggressive (I honestly won't get them again lol, but that's my personal preference!). You should be okay if that is the extent of your flock (if you get more, introduce carefully in a large area!).. but they are great layers and they'll love you so I'm sure you'll enjoy them! :)

Here are mine, so you can see what they looked like/what they look like now (they're a year old!) They change a lot!

When I *first* got them, the three in the back and the one in the very front are the Red Sex Links.
The other two were Cornish X, as in, meat chickens (gifted to us by a friend).

This was Teasel when she was young

Grown up Teasel.

Little Mallow.

Grown up Mallow.

Little Nettle

Grown up Nettle.

Little Olive

Grown up Olive.

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