What are roo characteristics one should look for in a month-old chick?

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    Hey all,

    So I'm worried that one of my bunch is a boy. "She's" coming up on 4 weeks and has bigger comb than the others, a longer tail, and a swear that I saw a green sheen on her wing feathers when out in the yard today. What are the signs that you guys go by when determining roosterism? Also, does anyone have experience with caponizing? Does it really stop the crowing? I've read conflicting things and would love to hear about some direct observations. Thanks!
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    Most of what you said are good indicators. Also long saddle feathers - back feathers by the tail, and that the feathers on the back are more pointy, and hens have rounded feathers.

    Caponizing does not stop a rooster from crowing. Just like nuetering a dog or cat does not make it so they cannot make noise. [​IMG] And you also have to basically do surgery on the chicken, and the older it is the harder it is on the bird.

    ETA: Thick legs might also mean it's a roo.
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