what are signs that my chickens diet is lacking protein

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    i don't think there lacking any [​IMG] ....they eat left overs, layer pellet, greens and what ever else they find in the grass. OH [​IMG] btw i have 2 std white cochin pullets, 1 RIR roo, and a bantam barred cochin roo. all of which i got the third week of june from ideal poultry. and should i be feeding my roos layer pellets. OH..again the reason im asking about the protein is that my cochins havent started laying yet, or could this be from the whole it being winter and i got them to late in the year.
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    sounds like they are eating fine, and it's just the time of year and age.
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    What is the amount of protein in the layer you are feeding? If you are feeding a 16% or even a 18% protein layer and you feed a lot of "left overs" you could be dropping the protein percentage.. I you are going to feed "left overs" you might want to feed a 20% protein layer...
    What are the ages of the pullets? Some Large Fowl breeds will take longer to mature than others.
    How much light are they getting? Layers should get around 17 hours of light to lay good..
    Are they getting plenty of water? Water is one of the most important things for egg production. A egg is made up of nearly 70% water..
    Are your birds in a molt? birds will stop or slow down in egg production when in molt..

    Since feathers are 85% protein most of the signs of a protein deficiency are going to deal with the feathers..
    Good examples are brittle, curled and missing feathers and birds in a hard molt.
    Other signs may be decreased appetite, slow growth in chicks, weight loss in mature birds, smaller sized eggs or even decreased laying of eggs..

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    I doubt that you'll see any eggs from your Cochins until spring. They aren't very good layers in any case, and it sounds like yours are only about six months old, so they are just now starting to get old enough to lay, and of course it's the darkest part of the winter. I would expect to start seeing a few pullet eggs in six to ten weeks, probably no sooner, and possibly later. Then, of course, being Cochins, they'll probably lay a few eggs and go broody! Did you get them for eggs, or for broodies, or just for entertainment?

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    for entertainment [​IMG]

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