What Are Some Breeds That You Enjoy Showing?

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    Hello all! [​IMG]I'm not quite sure if this would be the right forum to post this in, but it deals a bit with showing so I thought it would be okay. [​IMG] So anyways, my family is looking into getting some show quality birds to show in bigger shows and I would like to know some breeds that the other members here recommend for showing. I was originally thinking I would like to get Mille Fleur d'Uccles, but I am open to any breed.....I do particularly like the feather footed breeds though. [​IMG] I also thought Cochin's might be nice too, I know they are larger birds and might be more difficult to hold than a bantam breed, but the birds will be handled daily and used to being messed about with so that they aren't to "squirmy" in shows. We have one Buff Orpington hen that is "nice looking" and is used to being showed in 4-H shows, but she is certainly not show quality. We are thinking about going to the Ohio National Poultry Show to maybe pick out some birds to buy in their sales section, but before we went I wanted to have a few breeds in mind that I would be willing to get. I am open to any breed suggestions and will read up on the Standard of Perfection for the breeds I am interested in so I eventually pick out, hopefully, the nicest bird(s). Thanks in advance!
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    The nicest and most friendly of my birds (mixed flock of breeds and quality) are my cochins- bantam and standard, booted bantams, D'uccle, D'anver, my little bantam leghorn is chatty but friendly as can be, and some old english game bantams/OEGB can be super awesome birds... I guess it just depends on what is there when you are buying them, the ages and their past handling, but in the past and present these have been and are my friendliest birds :)
  3. sourland

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    Cochin bantams are always a good choice. I would say pick a breed that is physically attractive to you, and then buy the best brood stock that you can afford.
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    Thank you! I have heard most of those breeds are friendly! I've heard some Leghorns are very flighty, but others are very nice, like yours. I suppose it depends on the handling of the bird. [​IMG]

    Thank you! I had not thought of Cochin bantams before, but I would love to look into them, it would be great if I could find some for sale at the show. [​IMG] I love the feather footed breeds, and I figure if I'm going to be showing these birds I might as well go with a breed that I am physically attracted to. I'm willing to spend money on these birds, so I'm hoping that can widen my choices of birds because of this. [​IMG]
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    My family and I purchased Silkies to show and breed. We will be attending our first poultry show this weekend. They are like poodles! they can be blow dried and combed to enhance their appearance. They are pretty sweet in nature as well and are a bantam breed.
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    I've heard Silkies are nice. :) Good luck! I'm not sure Silkies are physically attracting for me though, if you know what I mean.....:)
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    Come to Columbus in 12 days. State Fair grounds. The Ohio National Poultry Show is on and you'll see over 6600 birds displayed. You'll see what the hobby is all about and you'll see hundreds of varieties displayed. Saturday, Nov 12

    I see you there.
  8. henny1129

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    Wow, that's a lot! That's where we were thinking about going and buying the new birds, but not set in stone yet that we will go. :)
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    Feb 19, 2009
    I have shown large and bantam cochins for years and while they are nice to look at they are not for the faint of heart, they take a fair degree of work to get in condition and to prepare for shows; washing, drying, etc.... I also show large barred rocks, minorcan, white faced black spanish, bantam white wyandottes, gray toulouse geese and currently have turkeys in several varieties. I truly like the cochins best of all for temperament but they are difficult to get ready, the rocks are gentle and much easier to prepare. I really like waterfowl, just fill the pool and let them clean themselves, the big geese are just tough to handle for smaller children. The minorcas and spanish are striking to look at but are pretty flighty if you don't handle them daily and minorca males take a while to get their tails grown out. Wyandottes are also a favorite of mine but it is tough to keep the white clean but it can be done.
    In the end it is up to you and what you like, I showed Millies years ago and they are gentle don't get dirty easily and show very well but it is tough to get one that is perfectly colored and hard to keep the foot feathers from breaking. It is more about being at the the show and making new friends that have a common interest, this is the most valuable experience you will receive from the show experience.


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    Thank you so much! I had not heard that about Cochins before, but I am willing to put in the time to get them ready for a show. Thanks for all the information on the other breeds too! Especially the Millie's! I agree with your last piece of info too, it's incredible the amount of friends I've made showing goats and with family showing chickens too. And the amount you learn is amazing!

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