What are some good tips for taming a budgie.

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    So I got my budgie last May from a pet store and she is completely wild, but she is funny because sometimes she will walk up to the bars of her cage and other times she moves away, and if I put my hand in to catch her it is about as easy as catching smoke. And I don't want her to be wild for the rest of her life and not having any good associations with us.
    So please help. [​IMG]
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    Don't put your hand in to catch her! That makes you pretty much a big predator in her eyes. Spend a lot of time just sitting with her to start, try making little bird-like noises or whistles to get her attention. My birds were always very interested when I mimicked some of the sounds they made. You can also teach her to step up onto a perch that you are holding inside her cage. Just always move your hands very slow. Eventually you can work on getting her to step onto your finger. I used to offer some little treat to get them over the fear of hands. Dip your finger in some water and let some seed stick to it and hold it where she can see it, see if she'll come and nibble from your fingers. If you go slow and just spend a lot of time with them without trying to catch them they usually become very, very attached little pets.
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    Step 1: get some millet.(or other treat) and slowly put your hand in the cage by her until she eats it. do this for a few days.

    Step 2: get some of her regular food in your hand and do the same as with the treats. (you may find she is more reluctant to eat this.) do this for a day or two.

    Step 3: get her to perch on your finger by gently pressing it on her chest. when she gets used to that, try and bring her out of the cage perched on your finger. if she gets off, don"t be discouraged and try again in a few minutes. After you get her out of the cage, hold her until she gets used to it then let her go explore.

    hope I helped

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