What are some tips on moving chicks from brooder to coop?


Apr 15, 2020
Frazier Park California
I will post a morning picture and keep you updated how the first night went!
How did it go?! I am in the exact same position as you! Quick 3 day vacation coming July 5 and would prefer my girls to be transitioned to coop overnight. They spend all day in their run/coop area but don’t like going into coop even during the day. At night I’ve been bringing them back to their brooder. How did your girls do? I need to just do it myself! Mine are 5 weeks tomorrow 🥰


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Jul 26, 2016
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I have the opposite problem. My chicks have been living in the coop for 13 days. They won't come out.
I put mine in the coop at 4 1/2 weeks old.

I installed a heat lamp before I put them in, because it was forecast to drop to 41 F/5 C. It actually dropped to 39 F.
I use a plug-in dimmer to control heat output.

I opened the pop door for the first time yesterday afternoon. They are 6 1/2 weeks old now.

One came out and went right back in.

6 hours later sun is setting, it's time to close the pop door for the day. No one was brave enough to explore.

I'll open the door in the morning around 9 am. A heat wave is forecast to start tomorrow 90s F. GC


Apr 21, 2018
Wilmington, NC
Whatever the ages, once the chicks in an inside brooder start to jump out of the brooder (with 16" high sides), it's time to start introducing them to the outdoor coop if you haven't done so already.
We do that with "outside" time each day and early evening with the chicks so they get accustomed to both. In fact, they LOVE being outside as 10 day olds, two weeks old, and such if the weather permits temperature-wise, but it also gives them time to explore a little on their own. One of the places we have them explore is the juvenile side of our coop/run that's going to be their future home. In this way, once we start herding them toward the doors at dusk, they've already seen the entrance, the access door, the ramp, the roosts, and more.
It's worked really well for us, except the few needy chicks that always seem to want to come back to the house and brooder. A few nights of showing them the process for getting in, and it's done. The transition from brooder to coop is complete.

We do a full flock integration once the chicks are old enough to hold their own with the adults. Then, the coop is opened up completely so all chickens can use all of the coop, and the run is opened completely giving all chickens access to the entire run.

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