What are the best breeds that can thrive in cold winters and hot summers?

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    The place I live (Southern BC) we get very hot summers and cold winters(IN winter, as low as -21 celcius in odd days, although usually around 5- -10, and as high as 35 in summer, but more around 28-30?).

    We already have some mix-breed chickens, but we are going to be expanding our flock next year,as we'd like to get the best suited chickens in later years. Friendlyness is a nice, as they will also be pets and live the rest of their lives with us. Eggs are good, but excessive amounts are not needed. (WWE already have 5 or so dozen in the fridge from five hens...) Broodiness is, again, preferred but not required. Thank you in advance! The chickens do too.
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    Hi Chicken Girl,
    There is a lady named Emily Robertson in Vancouver, BC who is havng good success breeding Light Sussex poultry. She hatches many chicks each year and is using population genetics to make her Sussex profitable birds to own. They have all the attributes you are seeking. Sussex come from England and do very well in the BC climate. They are a stunning bird with a white body and black neck & tail. Emily should be trimming her flocks down for overwintering now. Perhaps you can even get hens which are already laying. She is a very nice person. Here is a letter with contact info, from Emliy on the big Candian poultry discussion board, AlbertaChickens. Yes, her birds are worth every penny as they are bred to type and to produce.
    Here is a letter from a lady I know, who got Light Sussex from Emily:
    https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/279509/the-sussex-thread/1630 , see post 1633.
    Here are paintings of the Light Sussex which the American Poultry Association used in their current 2010 Standard of Perfection: http://www.katherineplumer.com/closeups/poultry/SOP/LLightSussex.html
    Best Regards,
    Karen in western PA, USA
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