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    ...that 83% to 85% humidity is too high? I've been dealing with humidity being too low for so long, I've forgotten optimum humidity levels.

    Will 80% and above humidity increase the chances of drowning? And is drowning caused by condensation and an accumulation inside the egg, or fluids that haven't evaporated enough?
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    well ive incubated chickens and ducks together... my chicks never drowned, humidity was around 65 up to 80. i even tried the fact and drilled tiny hole in the top of the egg where the air sac is, and no water came out..... im still wondering about the drowning thing myself..........
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    I had one instance of 80% humidity in my hatcher, and had >50% hatch rate. And it wasn't even for more than 20 minutes, at the most.

    I don't go over 60-65%, and have had 95-ish% hatch rate on local eggs.

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