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    The woman I got my eggs from has had a rooster on a nest for several weeks now, assumed to be around 6 weeks at this point. I offered to check them for fertility with her but have not heard back as of yet. I have read that roosters wont leave a nest until all have hatched, and they dont eat until then, which is true for her rooster. He's got about 10 eggs under him all are late season and one is light green indicating a thinner shell. So if his eggs dont hatch for whatever reason(like this 100 degree weather we've been having) would he adopt other chicks? (hypothetical though possible if she wanted and we could work it out and get clearance from the state, if I took Quoba and Adina up there would he adopt 3-4 week old chicks?) Adina and Quoba seem to follow anything with legs, including the dogs.
    My only fear is that he would try to kill them, but I have read that roos with a brood will adopt and even fight other roosters for their chicks. What're your thoughts?
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    I don't think I'd risk it, plus once raised by another emu they would not be as friendly as raised by you. I would either let him set, or incubate the eggs and try to get him to get up and start eating again....

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