What are the main colors of your flock?


8 Years
Nov 30, 2011
Tooele, Utah
Just what the topic says. I got to thinking about it last night, and I wondered if some prefer to "color coordinate", while others just get whatever they please. My flock is all black, white, and gray, which a splash of green on my rooster. I really intended to get some browns or other colors in there, but that's not how things ended up as I collected a few birds. Still, I wouldn't change anything, as I love having each of them around.
Black. Everybody is wearing black in my flock. Looks like a funeral.
Oh yeah. Black is classy. Weren't you the one who had the picture of your handy dandy chicken grabber on one of the other threads? You know, where the birds were giving you the look like "Oh noes!" I laughed and laughed.
That's me!


Best chicken gadget ever! Only $2.99 at Harbor Freight
When I ordered my peeps from mypetchcken.com, I had a coordinated assembly, of sorts. I ordered 1JG, 1SLW, 1GLW, & 1BO. So, in theory they went from black-and-white, to all black, to back-and-gold, to all gold. But the week they hatched was not a good week for GLWs, so they called me with options and I chose the BLRW. So I ended up with no real pattern or design, but Florrie, my BLRW, is the most gorgeous, fluffiest, almost opulent.....I can't find the right words.....she's beautiful. (I'd try to attach a pic, but she's also the most uncooperative model & not very photogenic girl in the bunch.)


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