What are the odds!?!

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    My white crested duck is the only waterfowl I have actively laying at the moment. Up until the last bunch they have all been infertile even though she has had open access to two different drakes. Well, 27 days ago I put one of her eggs in the 'bator to check fertility again and it was most definitely fertile. However, I have three Muscovy drakes just coming into their prime who managed to sneak into the duck pen with the crested female. What are the odds the duckling is a mule-duck? I am thinking pretty good.

    The duckling hasn't hatched yet, but I have six more of her eggs in the 'bator which are all fertile and growing as well. Mule-ducks take longer to incubate/hatch than standard ducks. So, knowing if they're mules will determine when to lockdown. This first egg is already in lockdown because I thought it might be a white crested/Rouen cross. (My first mixed duckling)

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