What are the problems with imprinting?

Discussion in 'Geese' started by Tivona, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Tivona

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    Jun 2, 2011
    I keep reading about imprinting goslings and some recommend it and others say no...what are the problems with an imprinted goose?

    One of the reasons I am wondering is I had my pair of geese raised together and the gander gosling did get imprinted on me. I didn't really intend for them to imprint or not, it just happened. They have lived with my ducks in my garden except at night when they have their own pen ever since they got big enough. The only problem I have seen with him is he really doesn't like people other then me, my sister, and Dad. If I catch him hissing as someone i thwack him, or chase him off with flapping arms, or chew him out pointing at him and stating "NO". He knows better then to challenge me which I am sure helps out at great deal. He allows me to pet him part of the time but mostly likes to stay just out of my reach unless he knows I have no interest in picking him up/ petting him (I try to handle him everyday even if just for a few seconds).

    Is the problem with him hissing at other people due to his being imprinted? Anything I need to watch out for?
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    the bad things about them is if you sell them in printed they wil be mean to that person and second if you try to breed them they wont breed.[​IMG]
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    He is pretty much acting like a normal territorial gander and you are dealing with it properly. The biggest problem with imprinted geese is that they may regard humans as equals and try to exert dominance. It does not sound as if you have that problem. Most imprinted geese if given the opportunity figure out that they are geese and will eventually accept a mate.
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    The only problem that I noticed with the last 4 geese that imprinted on me was that the other 9 non-imprinted geese didn't like the idea of imprinting. When I would go outside and the 4 imprinted geese would come to me when I called them, the other "Posse" (in my opinion, in my eyes and judging from their actions) began to "fuss" at them (the imprinted geese) and tried to baracade and stop them from coming over to me. They stood in the way and tried their best to stop the 4 imprinted geese from coming my way. The imprinted geese would get around the baracade and run over to me. The non-imprinted geese would chase after them and try to fight them. It was kinda like school age kids didn't want 1 group of kids playing with another kid on the playground at recess and they were jealous and tried to stop the play time. It was weird. After "play time" with the printed geese and I had to leave or finish the chores, the imprinted geese went back over with the non-imprinted geese and they were given a hard time. The non-imprinted geese bullied them for a few minutes as to scold them from spending time with me. Once the scolding was over, they all went along their merry way. This happend every day. One of the imprinted geese finally got tired of being bullied, so he chose the non-imprinted goose club and decided to cut off all ties with me. I guess he had enough of trying to fight his way back into the group. The other 3 imprinted geese continue to fight the others so that they can come over to visit with me and they continue to fight their way back into the group after they are done visiting with me. I'm just waiting for the day that they will cut off ties with me in order to blend in with the non-imprinted geese. I'm sure it's coming soon. [​IMG]

    I am the only person that the imprinted geese will walk up to and allow to pet them and pick them up and receive snacks from. No one else can get near them or pet them. They will run away. They will come to me when I call them but no one else can call them over.
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    Jun 2, 2011
    Thanks everyone for putting my mind at ease. I figured that his hissing at others was just normal gander stuff but wanted to know if it would escalate. My two geese are so very different in personality. Snow the female just didn't really care for people as a gosling. Her "terrible twos" were much more like "terrific twos". She mellowed out and started to just love everyone. River my gander started out just the opposite loving everyone but mostly me crying when I wasn't there and then turned into a standoffish oaf at the same time Snow was becoming rather charming. Now that he is past that stage I see him calming down for me but definitely becoming more territorial when it comes to others not liking certain people to be near me. I've only had one goose before this, female, and wasn't to sure about gander behavior except that he would be a bit more challenging. I'll stick with the punishment when he hisses and hopefully he will get the message. I know he is very smart. He knows when I say quiet that means he is to loud and will start a sweet little chatter and low volume. He knows bedtime means back to the pen, and when I tell him I'll turn him into a pillow because he is trampling my plants that I really love him and never could no matter the squished parsley. I hope that in time he can mellow out to the neighbors and others as he knows I don't like him hissing. He and Snow are definitely a pair and will mate next spring I am sure. I get the feeling that maybe he is only half imprinted, still my baby at times but a regular goosey gander most of the time.

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