What are the signs that she is close? UPDATED WITH PIC


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We are still so new to this and I have no idea if my Bella (Barred Rock approx 22 wks) is even considering laying. She talks to me all the time, it reminds me of a cat purring. I am wondering if there are signs other than the egg song that will give me a clue if she is close? Will she only sing the egg song during the laying process and if so should I get a baby monitor to listen for it in case I have a predator?

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For me, the sure-fire sign that eggs were on the way was when the girls started doing the "egg squat" when you approached them. If you've never seen it before, you'll recognize it when you go to pick up you hen and she sort of freezes in a squatted "hunkered-down" position with her wings slightly opened. I understand that it is the position that they assume when a rooster hops on and is a sign of maturation. In my experience, when my hens do this, the eggs are on the way within a week or two!
Good luck!

Would it be a good idea to put a golf ball or something in the nest? I really thought once we moved her away from the Roo's she would start laying but nothing:( Hubby is starting to think she is a Roo too.
Is she black with white or white with black? Black base with white markings = female. White base with black markings = male.

An older picture, but here's my BR pullet (for coloring) if it helps.

Squatting is the first sign they are getting ready to lay.

Mine started the egg song a few days before they laid their first egg. (not all of them sing though, only my BR, RIR and BO sing) They can sing before, during, after an egg or just sing cuz someone else is. (Chorus)

The day mine laid their first egg, I noticed they were really vocal. More so than usual.
Oh and yes, I'd put some golf balls in. I clustered 3 together like a clutch. I left some of the boxes without fake eggs, some of my layers prefer an empty nest and some only want to lay with eggs already there.
Hi this is my first flock also . So Im wondering the same thing . Mine are 18 weeks old 3 RI REDS and 3 plymouth rocks. Im like a kid at Chistmas time LOL Scotty
Good to know about the squatting - my Buckeyes are an April hatch and are just now starting the squat. I don't think my Black Jersey Giants are squatting though but the banty had his way with one of them - pretty funny actually - little bitty rooster man handling this big black pullet! So I think that means egg laying cannot be too far off.

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