What are the top three reasons you have chickens?


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Oct 11, 2011
I'm writing an informative chicken book, and I would like to know what you guys think are the top three reasons, not including meat (I'm writing one about pet chickens and don't want to go into that)

I am a lover of all things chicken. I've always liked chickens, so why not own the actual thing? Secondly, they lay the best eggs, better than any store-bought eggs. And, third, they are so much fun to tend to and watch. We could sit outside with them for hours.
started as a homestead type project... then... well, this is how it happened for me;

i brought home a few chicks (4 buff orps) they were so cute! then they got a little older and started exploring more, hopping on me and everything else they could reach. so cute.. then they got a little older, time to put them outside. still sooo cute... but then i missed the tiny peeps and chirps so i went outside too.. started spending more and more time outside in the coop, building chicken toys and improving their living quarters.. I lost one to a hawk so then I was on a mission to hawk proof everything.. i was constantly thinking of new ways to improve the coop, new treats to introduce, worries about weather and predators and yada yada... then they got a little older... and they still haven't gone through this "ugly duckling" type stage... they are still.. so cute.... I began watching them and staying out after my chores were done.. just to be there.. the coop is a happy place for me. besides those darn chickens are just.. so cute...

Oh whats that? Ameraucana chickies for sale?! ill take 4!.... and these chickies are even more.. so cute... hmmm.. those arent ameraucana... oh well. Easter eggers! and they are just sooo cute! and the BOs are laying now! yay! eggs for breakfast lunch and dinner... repeat.

now i have the garden to feed the chickens more than feed me... and whats even more scary... next year.. er.. this year, the chickens get their own garden... 0_0 The solar panels that were going up to heat the greenhouse are now part of my coop redecorating scheme... (shh dont tell DH) and to top it all off, Im knitting a chicken purse..... chickens get into your blood..

the reasons for having chickens may have changed throughout the whole "project" but the one thing that never changed is the feeling of being a good bird mom and the amount of joy and love those silly birds give back.. I think if people have the room, chickens make the most wonderful pets... besides, when the food crisis hits, ill be sitting pretty with my girls in egg heaven!
1. They are the best pets I've ever had! So affectionate and snuggly and so darn sweet.

2. If I'm ever bored, all I have to do is pull up a lawn chair. I could wtch chicken TV for hours.

3. Oh yeah, and really good fresh eggs from my 'pets with benefts'.
1. Bug reduction in the yard.
2. Free fertilizer.
3. Eggs.

Those were my first three - and in order, as I didn't really care if they laid eggs or not, would just be a nice bonus - when I got the chicks. Now, the reasons I KEEP chickens are these:

1. Wonderful therapy.
2. CHICKEN TV - just a hoot to watch!
3. Bug reduction.

I have quite a few layers but if they stopped laying, I wouldn't cull or rehome them - they have a place to stay for their entire lives. They'll still catch bugs and make me laugh even when they stop laying.

But yes, the most wonderful eggs in the world are produced by my flock. That's such a great bonus. It is NOT why I keep the chickens, though.
1. They are better than a dog or cat because they feed you. So... Eggs

2. They have some of the best personalities! It's so funny when people hear that you like your chickens better that a dog or cat!
So... Personalities

3. They are amazing exterminators! Pest Control

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