what are these tiny black banty pair several pics


8 Years
May 12, 2011
a guy had a flock of these and gave a pair to grandpa .. im thinkin about hatching out the hens eggs she has been sitting on one .. but as of yesterday hasnt layd more than the one .. she lays a new one everytime you take one away .. ?

(first pics is a size comparison next to a leghorn hen ( and a couple others .. =p)

the hen

the roo ( just a little bit bigger than the hen .. )

hens eggs compaired to a normal size egg

what are these bantys ?? their at least a year old .. but i dont know there actual age ..
I dont know enough about chickens to tell you what your little ones are, but i see your WLH with peck marks
I have 10 WLH myself 10 weeks old and I am so tired of them bloodying each other... at this rate I should buy stock in blu cote!!!! looking at your WLH I have firmly decided that I am not going to keep mine. They are just way too mean to one another!!!! It is really horrifying to me to see the stark red blood against the pure white feathers. mine most peck at each others tails.

Hugs Donna
Black Old English Game Bantams.... On the age,can't tell too good on the rooster.If what I'm seeing is part of a spur,he's at least 2 yrs old,maybe older.Can you get a front pic of his legs?Showing his spurs?.....
Here's one of mine...
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the wlh hens are retired factory layers and most of them had barley any feathers when i got them .. they are slowly growing back .. the big rooster is making some of them bald on the backs tho .. =/ hes grandpas rooster and i dont have my coop set up for them yet to take them away from him .. cant wait for them to be all healthy and happy ..
poor girls .. they didnt even know what the ground felt like untill i brought them home .. lol .. a few have really messed up toes and stuff from being in a cage 24/7
Op, I don't know the breed, but they sure are cute!

Donna, you might try looking into pinless peepers but I have not used them myself. Also Pick No more lotion or a black salve.

Thankyou but i just can not handle mean chickens. they dont peck on me, just each other. I have 19 brown egg layers that are sweet as pie. I am deciding if I want to find a home or turn them out on my property to eat bugs. I do know i do not want them anymore. I just want sweet chickens to love and get eggs from. at one point I had to isolate 3 chickens due to this horrible behavior. its so sad because i love how pretty they are. but i bet there is a white breed that is not aggressive and thats what i do want.

hugs Donna
Oh sweetie I am far from saying you are at fault. I know you are not at fault. cripes I used to be against de beaking, I will never say a negative thing about debeaking again!!! out of curiousity, I have one WLH that had a bloody stump with NO feathers for a tail. she was the first to get damaged. only a few feathers have grown back. will she get her full tail feathers back eventually? I need to know if i decide to re home them.

I will never agree with the bigger poultry place practices I was horrified when i was studying chickens on you tube to see the day old chicks on conveyor belts
but de beaking wlh may be important to keep them from killing each other

Hugs Donna
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do you think i should try and hatch her eggs then .. she isnt broody but running with her man and "kovu " they should be fertile i would think ? id like to have some of her chicks .. lol .... there really kewl looking with the solid black beaks and black legs .. the red really stands out on them
pretty pretty birds
broody is just when they decide to 'set' their eggs.What is Kovu? is he the sebright cross from another post? I love the lil birds...I really miss my babies.I only have 2 sets of OEGB left and 2 bachelor roosters....

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