what are they??

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8 Years
May 14, 2012
I was given some birds to cut a long story short and I originally thought they were cuckoo marans but the leg color is off??
chick 1

chick 2 feather legs but not feet

chick 3

they are larger than some of my standard chicks that have lost all of their down.
what kind of combs? From here they look like dominiques...

Can I see closer pics of face and comb?
sure. again just asking breed...not gender or quality...breeder raised...marans...dommies. barred rocks, and cochins but she lives in a very rural area with bad reception so I cannot call her to ask my dad just showed up with them and said they were a gift from her. he already forgot what she told him they were and I wont be seeing her for a few months at least.

Hatchery Barred Rocks and Rock mixes. One of them have Pea comb and feathered legs.
not from a hatchery my dad knows the breeder but I cant get ahold of either of them..not sure why hatchery would have anything to do with it...not what I asked...I asked what breed not quality....
I believe they are mixes :)
The first looks like a dominique, The one with feathered legs could be a maran or a cochin, mixed with a dominique. And the last looks like a Barred rock with side sprigs :)
finally got ahold of her...they are marans (one she said could possibly be a maran mix) and the leg color changed to pink today (she sold her cochins last year and I did not know)

the first face shot is also a single comb...not sure why it looks odd as the base on the one.. but all are single combs I do not see a rose like a dom would have .
new head shots...

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Ok, that makes sense. Cuckoo Marans legs can turn pinkish white as they get to be older chicks.
But the green (willow) legs won't turn, that one will be your mix.
Karen in western PA, USA

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