what are those circular metal attachy things called?


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I need your help!

I need to get something that will help me connect two overlapping pieces of hardware cloth in my run. I tried using bits of cut wire but it doesn't seem secure. I have seen many times that people use these metal attachy things. They are small circular bits of heavy gauge wire and you just put them on and clamp them shut with pliers. Does anyone know what these are called?

I've explained them at three hardware stores and the employees think I'm nutso, they have no idea what I'm talking about! LOL its gotten kind of funny but if I could find out the NAME of these things that would really help me out!
washers - you mean washers -

I just reread - you don't mean washers - hmmm?
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Thanks for your responses! The bits are not fully circular, they start c-shaped then get clamped shut. So not washers. More like the hog rings, I will try to ask for that and at least get something close... if not that then the J rings look like they could work too. At least now I knew what to search for.

A-ha! J clips led me to a 'rabbit cage building" website and the things I'm talking about are officially called C Rings. Seems to me any of the options mentioned will also do the job.

Wow. I've been searching for a week, shouldve just asked yall from the get-go.

Thanks again!
I believe you're talking about hog rings. I use the Loxit rings myself. The small ones if I'm just overlapping and connecting hardware cloth or the large ones if I'm attaching the hardware cloth to cattle panels or chain link. They work great.

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