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Nov 3, 2010
Norfolk, England
Eight weeks ago my eggs hatched out in the incubator and i got this little selection, the problem was i bought the eggs at auction and bought them as Millefleur Pekin! Now the eggs looked a little bigger (not much) than our pekin eggs and when they hatched they clearly were not pekins (no leg feathers). So we all have a rose comb and are growing incredibly slowly, The Welsummers chicks who hatched the same day are double our size already!! The body shape of all 4 (only three pictured i have two whites) is very much like that of a Wynadotte, lovely yellow legs also.

And now having had a look at google images i'm not convinced
. The Gold and silvers in their stance do indeed look very much like Sebright chicks...will just have to wait and see i think.
The top two look like a silver and a golden sebright. The full white one could possibly be a cornish game hen, or some small meat breed. I think this because in the picture above it looks like he/she has wide hips, which are bred for meat. The only question i have is, when you had the eggs, were they all the same size? And is the white one the same age and size of the golden one? If so he/she is most likely a cornish game hen. Also, if he/she eats more than the golden and the silver, it is a high possibility that he/she is a cornish game hen. The best of luck to you and your chickens!

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