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A roo or two

6 Years
Sep 16, 2013
This little one is Rio, who is 5 weeks old. S/he was sold as a barred rock. Obviously S/he is not a pure BR as there is a rose comb. I thought possible Dominique mix instead? What do you all think?

Also pullet? Cockerel? I was leaning towards cockerel since there is very little tail feathering going on, but he feathered out on the body a lot faster than his "brother" and the comb hasn't even begun to turn pink yet. The first picture was at 2 weeks, the chick on the right. The other two pictures were taken at 4 weeks but he hasn't changed any in the last week.

This little one is Quinn. Quinn I am almost certain he is a roo,His tail feathers are pretty much nonexistent still and he is taking his sweet time feathering out, plus his comb is already quite noticeable. He loves to challenge his "brother" Rio.

He is also 5 weeks old and came from the same person as Rio. I was told he was a BR, but as you can see he has feathered feet. I am not real savvy on all the different breeds out there so just wanted to see what some guesses were that he could be crossed with. He has greenish grey colored legs. First picture he is 2 weeks old and is the chick on the left. The second picture he is 4 weeks old but really hasn't changed any in the last week.

Rio, barred, yellow feet and rose comb, agree the first guess would be Dominique. Can't quite decide whether to vote boy or girl, the comb looks fairly wide in the second picture, but he's fairly dark in color, so I guess possible roo right now.
Quinn with that much comb at five weeks, and as light as he is colored, agree he is a roo. feather legged bird/Cochin & Barred bird/BR? If he came from a hatchery originally, some do sell barred Cochins.
Rio appears to be a Dominique, and at least for now, I'm going to say cockerel. The comb isn't that red, but it is wide for a pullet of that age. Quinn appears to be either a Barred Plymouth Rock/Cochin cross, or a Barred Cochin. Going by comb development and light coloring, I'd say that Quinn is a cockerel.
I'd go back and ask the seller. Since the second bird is probably mixed, the first likely is also. I have a barred rock/wyandotte mix that could easily pass as a dominique, so there's really no way to tell. I'm not seeing anything roosterish about the first bird, but the second is a roo. Maybe post again in a few weeks---rose combs can take a while to fill out.
I did ask the seller. She claimed they shouldn't be mixed with anything and that she would take them back and exchange them. I told her I didn't care they were mixed, just was curious with what.
Okay, here are some updated pics of Rio and Quinn :)

Rio first, well I was leaning towards roo, due to behavior and width of comb, but now I was told it is a pullet LOL I think structurally it looks like a pullet and the squatty walk in the second picture. If so that is good news because I can only have one roo so I won't have to decide who stays and who doesn't. Just over 7 weeks old. I believe s/he is a Dominique or Dom cross.

This is Quinn, also just over 7 weeks old. This crazy guy has all kinds of things going on LOL. I love him though (at least I think it's a him :p). Barred cochin and EE? I will put a picture from three days before this that shows what his face looks like up close. He has puffs on his cheeks and his feathers also are longer and grow upward just above his eyes near the base of his comb/nostril area. Anyone got any other guesses?

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Maybe this will help with determining sex? This is Rio and Quinn at two weeks old. Rio on the left, Quinn on the right. I don't know if the head spot is reliable though if they are mixed?
Rio definitely looks like a Dominique, and she's a pullet. A male Dominique would be lighter in color, and have a larger, wider comb at this time. And, Quinn looks like a Dominique or Barred Rock mixed with an Easter Egger, though some Cochin might be in him too. He's a pretty boy!
Thanks! I think he is quite pretty too. I can't wait to see what he looks like as an adult. Lucky for Rio, that means she can stay instead of being rehomed or heading to the pot :D

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