what are y'all saving from the wild to deal with coming crisis?

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  1. ladyearth

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    Nov 23, 2013
    to feed your feather crew? unless y'all have been on the moon lately{LOL). supposedly earth changes are here and getting worse everyday.
    So much rain here in ky. and other breadbaskets areas. people having to sell off their herds last summer because of droughts. now flooding etc farmers fields flooded mud everywhere. other places droughts
    Mainstream news is not stressing how bad our food supply is right now and coming. supposedly coming winter is to be worst on record
    so what do y'all feel to save back for our feather friends. one chat room suggested grass seeds, wild seeds etc. even box elder. which I haven't looked up yet
    the animals around here are acting strange
    anyones thoughts?
  2. ShannonR

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    Sep 17, 2015
    I plan to do my family and my poultry both a favor, by eating the birds if things really go that far south. I have a couple of small children to feed, and feeding birds through a crisis is too many mouths for me to worry about.

    With that said, my flock is extremely self sufficient, but any added feed just isn't going to happen here. I'll eat them first.
  3. amanda1

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    Aug 5, 2015
    It’s difficult to store much feed and keep it from getting buggy or moldy. I’m afraid we’d probably need to eat our chickens, but I pray I never see that day. It’s been unusually cool here this spring, but we’ve already got a first cutting of hay. I don’t see any unusual animal behavior though.
  4. And can you believe that some people still do not understand about climate change? Unbelievable I know! Our kids are the ones who will pay for this in the end.

  5. Very interesting discussion! I’m impressed people are willing to talk about it here. If it came to eating our animals we would probably eat our horses first because they would starve first. As long as the hens were laying we’d eat eggs until we had to eat the chickens. I’d share with my daughter and son in law until it was gone. My daughter cans but not in the quantities we all need. :confused:
  6. Eggcentric One

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    Jun 23, 2019
    S.E. Coastal Georgia
    This is exactly why we have decided to homestead. Not because of climate change, as that has been occurring, IMO and according to science and history, since the beginning of the earth, from the separation of Pangea to the beginning and maybe not complete ending of the Ice Age to known polar shifts. I do concern myself with scientist revealing a concern with global governments creating a world war over their mastery of altering regional weather patterns and how their efforts may alter weather patterns in other areas of the globe in a negative way. But our reason for homesteading is to be proliferate while our news refuses to inform us of the global food shortages. It amazes me that so many governments are paying farmers NOT to farm their land. It is almost like they want people standing in line begging them to feed and care for them.
  7. Well hopefully more people realize the truth that
    So good you see the science on this. Clearly the evidence shows that since the industrial revolution the earth has been warming at a greater rate. For some reason people want to deny science and stick their heads in the sand and pretend all is well. Our kids are inheriting a mess.

  8. Chickassan

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    I'm collecting,and drying redbud leaves for emergency fodder.
    The trees grow fast and all parts are edible. They seem to be fairly unaffected by the wild weather too.
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  9. Ra_

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    Jan 25, 2010
    North Central Florida
    I've got a Comfrey patch established and will be adding more.
    Once established, it can be harvested every three weeks.
    It comes back every year. (Mine didn't even go dormant last winter)
    All it requires is water and chicken manure to thrive.
    So if the SHTF, I'll be able to sustain my flock and eat the roosters.
    Of course, they'll be a lot of bandits attempting to steal your birds.

    Bonus: I make new plants from root cuttings and they sell well.
    It's also fabulous for making an ointment that is great for many skin ailments.

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  10. What is Comfrey? Looks like a weed, can people eat it?


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