What are Your Chickens Named?


Feb 16, 2015
Hello all,
Do you have cute names for your chickens? Post them here! Feel free to post ideas for names, your favourites, and of course your chickens names! Please do not steal names without the permission of the provider! Enjoy!

Our ladies are named Atilla the Hen, Gloria Grainor, Henny Potter, Proff. Magoneggal, Eggetha Christi and so on so forth! We theme our hens as we get a new bunch every year, this years group is going to have the following names assigned: Scrambles, Sunnyside, Omeletta etc!
I have BOs and not all are named. The roosters are Handsome, Henry and Fat Boy (he's BIG). Of the hens, there's Broody Mama, Plain Jane - she was hit by a car last summer and survived but still doesn't walk right. She's become quite the pet. Hawk is one of two EEs, the other ia The Other EE. Nothing very cute or original.
I have 8 chickens in my fixed flock....3 Rhode Island Reds I call them all Red because I cant tell them apart....my barred rocks are Gracie and Cogburn, I thought she was rooster but no and my 3 Easter Eggers are Trouble, Crow Head and the last one has no name.

I know all werid except for Gracie which has special meaning. But I think naming them is fun.
Red Jr.,fluffy pants Jr.,polka Jr.,blackie,the General -son of the Kernel!,Pancha,Pancha mama,Queen,Queen Jr,wild child,princess,Houdini and Napoleon Jr..
we just hatched 8 new chicks,and are waiting on 12 more due in 2 weeks....and as you can tell from all the Junios I let my grandkids name them all!
Spike the polish rooster, his hens, scratchy, midnight and tree climber. We have a brand new silkie who has just been named Hattie Henny Penny.
Cinnamon - RIR
Ember - RIR
Falcon - EE
Ghost- white leghorn
Fire Hydrant - EE
Loudy - mixed bantam
Storm - blue splash orpington
Spotlight- SLW
Pot- SLW
Pie- red cochin
Moon Moon- buff silkie
And a Minorca pullet chick I haven't named yet
Lets see we have

Bubba, Phyllis, Coach, Skiddles, Dottie, JR, Goldie, Jackie Chick, Chick Norris, Muffin, Autumn, Bee Bee, Twinkie, Fanny May,
Mrs. Brown and Nugget. I hope I didn't leave anyone out.


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