What are your opinions on these temperatures?

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    Oct 12, 2011
    I set up my brooder today at about 10 am and it's now 7pm. I've been checking the temps every few hours.

    I'm using a 250w bulb. My camera battery is dead so I can't take pics but I will if anyone wants to see. It's charging right now

    The room is unheated and uncooled. Its temp depends on the outside temps.

    Here are the temps I've recorded so far--

    1 pm
    Outside temperature: 65 F.
    Temp directly under lamp: 98 F.
    Temp at farthest end of brooder: 82 F.

    4 pm
    Outside temperature: 71 F
    Temp directly under lamp: 110 F.
    Temp at farthest end: 88 F

    7 pm
    Outside temp: 48 F
    Temp directly under lamp: 90 F
    Temp on farthest end: 70 F

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