What Are Your Plans For 2022?

What Are Your Plans For 2022?

  • Upgrade My Coop and/or Run

    Votes: 51 49.0%
  • Invest in New Technology

    Votes: 10 9.6%
  • Increase Chicken Treats

    Votes: 8 7.7%
  • Increase Chicken Treats

    Votes: 7 6.7%
  • Purchase/add more Chicken Toys

    Votes: 14 13.5%
  • Get More Chicks/Chickens

    Votes: 52 50.0%
  • Add other poultry in addition to chickens (ducks, turkey etc.)

    Votes: 15 14.4%
  • Reduce Feed Costs

    Votes: 15 14.4%
  • Add a New Breed/s To My Flock

    Votes: 41 39.4%
  • Reduce Flock Number

    Votes: 8 7.7%
  • Nothing, will keep things as is

    Votes: 20 19.2%
  • Other (please elaborate in a reply below)

    Votes: 15 14.4%

  • Total voters


Aug 15, 2021
Western WI
I will be adding run space to coop #1 and hopefully have a broody hatch 6-8 eggs. Have a coop that I will be picking up from a local farmer in the spring (after the snow is gone) which needs minor repairs and then adding a run to that one-will then add 7ish pullets to this one-maybe some bantams or smaller breeds. Other than that I will just enjoy what I have and be happy to have it


Free Ranging
Jun 7, 2020
North FL Panhandle Region / Wiregrass
I'm culling the flock to remove older hens entering their third year (had planned to cull most this year), rehoming a couple (the Brahma) who are beloved favorites of my adoring facebook followers, and being more aggressive about eliminating unwanted pattern and colorations from my mutts. I'd like to go from the current, roughly 70 bird flock to more like a 40 -50 bird flock. Eyeing some of my older ducks, too - but I'll need a successful incubation before I can afford to carve up the elders.

...and adding meat rabbits (3).


May 26, 2019
I like that increasing chicken treats is an option twice. Makes me feel like the chickens wrote this and want more treats.

Went down from 40 birds to 6 in this past year so would like to bring my numbers up a bit more. I finally got a decent set-up for butchering so maybe raise a few specifically for meat this year too.
What I'd really like to do though is design and build a coop to suit my flock's needs. I'm just not very handy and haven't figured out exactly what I want for them yet.
Really want to improve things all around.
Well, my coop needs finishing with cedar siding and paneling. I have electric fencing to add to an existing deer fence that also works well for chickens. I have materials to build a hoop house to use as a greenhouse/coop/covered run.

I only have three 3 year old hens right now, and plan to order 25 Red Rock and Red Sussex cross pullets to brood and grow to POL . I will keep 8 for the winter and sell everyone else!
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6 Years
May 19, 2015
the Netherlands
My Coop
My Coop
I don’t have much plans for this year. My flock of 7 is just right for the inside space in the coop / covered run in combination with the outside run. Hopefully I don’t need any new chicks this year to provide enough eggs the upcoming 2 years. I have 2 young ladies at point of lay now, 2 medium oldies and 3 old friendly Dutch . My Dutch don’t lay much anymore, but are great company to have around.

Last year I made the coop safer (against foxes) with old peaces of hwc. But it doesn’t look nice. I already bought the hwc to make it more elegant again. And I need to paint the coop and frames with oil again for preservation. Maybe add some fungi too to darken the color again.

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