What are your top twelve chicken breeds?

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    As the title says! What are you're top twelve (or ten) chicken breeds? I'd love to know. Even better if you give a reason! :)

    Here's mine:

    (In order)

    1) Rhode Island Red - Pretty colour, nice temperament, great layers
    2) Double-laced Barnevelder - Amazing markings, beautiful dark brown eggs
    3) Welsummer - Nice colour, friendly and calm
    4) Lincolnshire buff - Big, fluffy, friendly
    5) Light sussex - Nice colouring, great layers
    6) Silver-grey dorking - Pretty, often broody and good mothers
    7) Buff orpington - Gentle, big, fluffy
    8) New Hampshire red - Pretty, good layers, placid
    9) Black australorp - Nice shiny feathers, calm, friendly
    10) White leghorn - Pretty, great layers, good-sized white eggs
    11) Silver-laced wyandotte - Amazing markings, docile, good mothers
    12) Dark cuckoo maran - Nice colouring, beautiful dark brown eggs

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    That would depend on the purpose of the breeds.

    Personal favorites? Plymouth Rocks, Malay, Silkies, Ga Noi, Shamo, Cornish, Ko Shamo, Brahmas, Seramas, Easter Eggers, Rhode Island Reds, American Gamefowl.

    For eggs? Black Sex Link, Red Sex Link, Leghorn, some forms of Production Red, Barred Rocks, Easter Eggers, Wyandottes, Naked Necks, Orpingtons, Delawares, Sussex, Australorps.

    For meat? Just about any old dual purpose strain including a lot of those mentioned above, provided they are from standardbred stock. Though in any case I would say Standard Cornish are truly the best non-broiler meat bird out there, no sense mentioning another 11 birds who won't be as good as them.
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    Hi Jet

    1: Ancona
    2: Phoenix
    3: Gold and Silver Spangled Hamburgs
    4: Gold Campine
    5: Silver Campine
    6: Legbars
    7: Plymouth rocks:
    8: Orpingtons
    9: Japanese:
    10: Houdan
    11: Swedish flower (never had one just love the look)
    12: Blue Laced Barnevelder

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