What are your Toulouse (or French) like? Pro's and con's please.

I originally posted this in another thread but it does seem better here. Have you ever wondered if two loose geese were too loose geese would your yard be messy?
We have a male/female pair, and we like them very much! We raised them from day olds, and they've been no trouble at all. Very beautiful, and very hardy. They hang with our flock of eight ducks, and everyone gets along very well.

Our flock free ranges our backyard, so they have to be nice, and they are, though we don't much handle them, so they're not particularly friendly. They're just nice lawn ornaments!
We have 2 ganders and 5 geese. The pros are... they are very hardy they aren't very aggressive, good brooders and mothers. They are also very good weeders. Cons...mine learned how to fly....they would fly from the pond 30 acres away and end up in my pool. More funny than anything:lol: Everyone has told me that they are too heavy to fly. They actually have to come over and see to believe.
Read somewhere that they are least likely to wonder away...hmmm. Guess that's not right. We have about an acre.

Sound like yours are having a great time flying, must be awsome to watch, that's quite a distance.

Opa, you wise guy

Trying to figure a medium size (pets only) that is freindly, quiet and gets along with other critters. I know the options and thought the Toulouse are a nice looking bird. (checked sebbies and buffs) Don't necesarily need a gander, not looking to expand the flock. Just a couple of birds to spoil...rotten. We even have a creek with a nice swimming hole. Everyone seems to love their geese. (More than ducks).

Got the basics down, housing will be done this spring and all supplies will be collected by then. June delivery....but what kind. I'd like to order soon.

Brickman house; that's what I want, to let them freerange during the day, so nice is a big factor. (At the same time, a hawk deterent would be great...can't tell you how many times I've ran to the back yard to check the Rhodie girls as they hide under the pines).

Thanks for the info people.
As far as less likely to wander, the dewlap toulouse would probably be the best choice. They are so large and, well, unwieldy that, IMO, they don't wander as far as fast. That said, any goose will go 'where the grass is greener' in a day of grazing unless you have a fence.

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