what breed am I? ( Video included)

The black and white striped one is a barred plymouth rock.

The red and white spotted one is a red sex link. ( not possible for that to be a roo ..wrong color)

The more solid red one is probably a variation of a red sex link or possibly a new hampshire red.

The black one looks like a black australorp (I probably spelled that wrong)

I don't know how old they are but they look like hens to me.

Edit to say that if they are all the same age then I think the barred rock is a roo after watching the video for a second time.
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I agree with Nessa that the barred rock is a roo. I also think the red one is a roo too - it looks like a production red or hatchery RIR to me ( you can see pictures of mine on my BYC page).

The red & white on is a red sexlink pullet. The black one is either a black australorp or a black sexlink pullet. Are there any brown feathers on its chest? If not, it's probably the BA - if it does have brown feathers, I think it's a BSL.
I get so exicted when I get the rooster thing right.

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