what breed and gender is the black and white one with the silky mohawk? it is so cute!! i love it.

yes i found this picture of a mottled houdan on the internet and it looks exactly like this. wow you are good. lol...can you tell if its a boy or girl? it is about 7 wks old... i got these as a mix fancy breed and i had some bantams, some black cochins, a tan cochin and this and d a akevelder?? dont know if i spelled that right. i am new to this chicken stuff... lol
No telling just yet if it is a pullet or cockerel. It is definitely a mottled houdan.
Here is mine @ 9 weeks old :)
can you tell me what the small one that is brown and black in the back is? i know it is some kind of bantam just not sure.

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