What breed are my 2 chicks?


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Nov 15, 2012
Hello!! :)
I got my two baby girls (9 days old today!) from my science lab. We were studying animal behaviour and we were allowed to keep them.
I'm just wondering, what breed are these chicks? :)
Also, will the yellow chick grow up into a red hen or a white hen?
They are absolutely adorable

they could be a number of pure breeds to 2 mixed breeds. re post pics when they reach 6 weeks of age might bea able to tell you more then
They have very generic coloration and could belong to a number of breeds. Right now, just guessing, the light color one is going to be a buff colored bird, and the dark one will be a black breed.
I am reasonably certain that your little buff chick is a Red Sex-link a.k.a Red Buff, Red Comet, or Red Star. This is a cross bred chicken that produces lots of medium to large brown eggs. Friendly and very pretty when all feathered out. If I am right, you will notice cream colored feathers with lots of dark orange or red streaks running through. As she gets older she will start getting more brownish red. She will be a nice reddish buff, not too red and not too cream colored. I love Red Sex-links!
Thank you so much everyone for your replies!!! I'll be sure to post more pics when they're older :)
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