What breed are my chikens?

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Jul 16, 2018
My family has been raising chikens for 3 generations now as a hobby, now the job has been passed down to me, witch has been a blessing. After taking care of this chickens for a couple of years and getting to know the community i started to ask my self, what breed are the chikens?
My grandparents never strived for a breed, they themselves dont know witch breed they are.
The characteristic they have are about an 90% jungle fowl but the hens come out diferent colors, from cream to black(a little rare)
I was hoping someone to help identify them or if theres a designated group for breed identification that would be great!
Screenshot_20181207-200943_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20181207-201031_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20181207-201052_Video Player.jpg
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