What breed are my new chickies?


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Mar 8, 2009
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Ok, I just hatched eight chicks that I got for free from a friend of ours, and I need help identifying the breeds. Most of them are black with a white chin/face and white spot on back of head and hatched from pale brown to brown eggs. One is white-ish golden with a black stripe running down it's back, and hatched from a green egg. Any help is appreciated. Also, if someone can tell me how to post pictures, I'll post some of my new chicks. Thanks a ton!
Hello and

They sound like barred rocks or dominiques. The littel green one is probably and easter egger.

This is the little black one w/ white-ish head.


This is the white-ish golden-ish one with black stripe that hatched from a green egg. Thanks to debiraymond for helping me figure out how to post pics, there they are!
Ok, I totally forgot about the red-faced ones I have. Here's a pic:

Also, the golden-creamish one is an auracana, she's fluffing out a bit more now, and I can see the ear tufts! Neato!

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