What breed are these chicks? Anyone have a clue??

La Unica Farms

11 Years
Jan 18, 2009
backswamp NC
I got these chicks from a friend who had gotten the eggs from someone else. He didn't have a clue what they were so he told me to take them and see how they turned out. Well, we have had them a month or so now and this is what they look like now.
I have no idea what they are but I love the colors coming out in them.






I would love to hear some ideas on what they could be.
Yeah, they have clean legs for sure. My husband was suspicious that they were some sort of a cross. Man, now I wish I had gotten more of them. Looks like I ended up with two Roos.

Anyone have any pictures of MF OEGB that they could share so that I can compare?
Thanks for all of the guesses everyone. Guess I will just have to give it a little more time and see how they progress. Whatever they are, they are cute little devils.

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