What breed are these feedstore chicks?????


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I went to a local mom and pop feedstore and they had chicks. And, not just chicks but chicks that look to be blue or more likely splash. I am in LOVE with blue birds - my favorite blue breed is the Blue Andalusian. I have ordered them twice and had little sucess with hatching any. I did hatch 2 or 3, but they didn't make it past a few weeks last summer. At any rate, I don't even know what hatchery these guys came from. I don't know of too many blue or splash clean legged breeds other than Andalusians - but I have a hard time believing I could possibly get my "dream breed" from the feed store in a bin of unidentified chicks. They definitely have blue starting to come in on their legs, so whatever breeds they are - they are blue legged, knocks a few breeds out of the running I think. They were sold straight run with a few other breeds mixed in with them in the bin. I know they probably not Andalusians especially since most hatcheries are out of stock for a few months, but they are blue or splash. Any clues what they could be? At any rate I am thrilled because they are cute little buggers!






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Those wing feathers are coming in solid white so I'm going to say that they are most likely White Giants whos chicks look like that, (smokey grey). That would also explain the leg color since Giants have a dark blueish/willow leggs and especially since they came from a hatchery and very few hatchers have blue cleaned legged breeds other than the Andalusians. So I would say they are white Gaints. Sorry.
Good luck finding picks, I was trying to find some to show you but I couldn't find any but I know that White Giants are that smokey grey color. White Javas are the same way but you didn't get white Javas from a hatchery.
The only place I was able to find any chick pics was on the website for Cackle Hatchery. Since I am located in Missouri, and only about an hour and a half from Cackle that may be where the feed store got them even. They do look alot like my chicks so I am fairly sure you are quite right about the breed. Thanks again so much for your help. Most breeds I have seen in person and recognise, but not always in chick form, lol. I couldn't find any white JG chicks on here really either, just the B/B/S chicks that everyone seems to be working on in the JG thread....... I got into the teens on that thread and gave up, lol.
Yeah I figured Cackle would have pics but I wasn't able to get on the website when I tried. Sorry, they're not the blues that you were hoping for bu I hope you like them anyway.
Well, I have to say I love me some big ol' chickens - especially roos. Well, I doubt they will beat out my Brahmas for my affection for the breed, but I imagine I will love them just the same. Plus, for some wierd reason, my husband has been wanting a huge white rooster like Foghorn Leghorn in the cartoons for over a year. Since these guys were straight run, I imagine he will get at least one, lol! There really is nothing like a big huge rooster sturring his stuff!

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