What breed are these two chicks? I'm hoping Easter Eggers? :D


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5 Years
Mar 21, 2014
I got a couple of chicks about five weeks ago, and their reaching the age of 7 weeks. They have most of their adult feathers and I'm hoping someone out there can recognize what breed they are. They both have two pairs of sharp feathers in their tails, yet all the others feathers scream out that they're in fact female. The darker chick, Willow, has dark slate colored feet and blackening beak, her wing feathers go from pure white, to pure black, and ending closer to her body with feathers that match her body. The golden chick, Marigold, has a yellow-greenish tint to her legs with random black smudges in her feathers of her wings and tail that closely resemble the ones in her nestmate. Here are some pictures of them:


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