What breed are these?


11 Years
Apr 1, 2011
Southern Maine
So I ordered some quail eggs to hatch out. I was told they were all Texas A&M quail, but I don't think that's what I got!
I only got 7 to hatch, and I think only one is an A&M. Do you know what breeds these others are?
I have 1 white one (with a black spot on it's head), 1 black and white pied, 1 brown and white pied, and 4 that are brown and speckled.
Here are some pics
No Idea on the breed but you have some beautiful quail
You got scammed
They are Coturnix quail but the colors look to be brown, white, and tuxedo
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pic 1 is a white(could be A&M size) and a wild type
pic2 is a dark range tux
pic 3looks to be a red range tux, will have to wait and see.
pic 4 is a wild color

those tux look like they will look nice
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You do have some good looking chicks, sorry you got taken by a very unscrupulous supplier of quail eggs and apparently snake oil. Although true, some colors will not breed true, white quail will, regardless of A&M or English White. White IS the recessive gene.

If you would like a dozen A&M eggs this spring PM me...I hate it when con artist take advantage of folks, it gives reputable breeders a bad name.
If the white chick was a texas a&m wouldn't it already look larger than the brown?

Not the ones I've hatched.

My last hatch of A & M's , Rosetta and Tibettan were all about the same. I think it's more of a growth down the road that starts to show the difference.
And with my Jumbo brown mixed in the hatch, I really didn't see much diff. between them and the others.

They are similar to the Jumbo brown in a sense , that the size has to be continually worked on too. Just because you order a Texas A & M, doesn't mean it's going to be a large bird unless the breeder is working towards that goal.
Thanks everyone. This is my first time with quail, and though I am disappointed I didn't get what I paid for, at least I got a nice variety :)
As with other poultry, I'm sure they can change as they grow. Like you said, some breeds are larger when fully grown. I will be sure to post pics as they grow. That way you quail experts can tell me what I have :) They are strictly for pets, and eggs for eating (at least I will try them!). So breed and quality don't really matter to me. I am not going to breed them and sell any.
I will definitely keep you guys in mind though if I decide to buy eggs again. I would much rather pay a breeder through BYC anyways :)

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