What breed ducks are these?


6 Years
Mar 3, 2013
So we recently acquired 4 ducks. One of which I feel 99% positive that it's a Pekin, so I won't bother posting pictures. The other three however, I'm not quite sure what they are. Here is a picture of all of them hanging out:

So, from what they look like, I think maybe the light colored one is a buff, and the one with a dark head and greyish body is a blue swede, but I have no clue about the one with a green head and black body. Here are closer pictures of all three of them. Also, we're like 99% positive that the "blue swede" and "no idea" ones are males, but we're not so sure about the "buff". I have a picture of what might be a curled tail feather, but it's hard to tell.

This is the one we have to idea about:

and his feet...

this is the one I think is a buff....

and this is the curl on her tail

and this is the one I think is a blue swede

and this is some weird coloring on his bill

and this is just another picture

So anybody have any opinions?
Well my knowledge pretty much starts and ends at Muscovy lol BUT i am getting some buffs shortly, so i will agree one looks like a buff, now a curl on the tail wouldn't that indicate drake? Pretty sure that's how it goes with mallard derived.(see 'scovies aren't they play by their own set of rules)

as for the rest... no idea, i know what they aren't .. hopefully someone will lend a hand shortly! There all nice looking though!
Ok, I wasn't sure if black swedish had black green heads, but maybe its just iridescent.
the irredescent green head on the black swedish almost makes me think there is cuyoga in there..maybe a black swedish cuyoga cross? i'd say mallard cross..but judging from his size i'd rule that out I think..the one id 100% a buff..for sure, i have them and that's standard

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