What breed hatched here?


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Apr 30, 2009
I bought some Pekin duck hatching eggs on ebay the hatching day is in 1 week. As I went to the incubator this morning to check the water I saw that the eggs are already hatching! The seller is denying that she sent me anything else but ducks, but there are chicks coming out the eggs. I have no clue what those are, can maybe somebody already say what breed they are?


Can you tell what kind of comb they have? They look either splash, lavender, or porcelain in color. The eggs look like orpington eggs.
Not sure of the breed but I recently had the same thing with some Ebay eggs they were supposed to be mixed colour Silkies hatched out silkie x orpingtons and a guinea fowl!
The seller denied it all the way until I emailed pics of the chicks then she admitted it was mixed up with another batch, still no good when your expecting something else!
Hopefully someone can identify the chicks. Also it's worth xhecking what other eggs they have for sale and checking feedback as to whats been sold might narrow it down a little
To narrow it down a little, these are the ones I can find in her feedback that she has sold

Maran Copper and Cuckoo
Pekin chicken
Bantam Leghorn (Exchequer and Black running together)
silver spangeld hamburgs
Jet Black Australorps
Dutch Red Pyle
lemon citrus milleflure sablepoots

Maybe that helps a little...
Not to thread steal, but that's a nice looking bator. Can I ask what kind it is?

It is the R-Com 20 (not the pro just the standard)

I have the R-Com 50 and the R-Com Suro as well.​
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