What breed is it???? Sultan, Silkie something else????

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    Ok, so I got these 3 babies a few weeks back. One I know is 3/4 Silkie 1/4 cochin.That is Lady Bug she's the big one at the bottom on the pictures (I hope shes a lady). [​IMG]
    Then there is Fez who is looking more like some sort of Sultan mix but she/he only has 4 toes. [​IMG] The feathers on her feet are very tough and pronounced. I thought she was a Silkie mix but I am thinking not at all now.
    And then there is Goober. The pretty grey one. This one has one foot with 5 toes and one with 4 toes. And at this point we don't know what mix he/she is... Any ideas??? Help a Mama out!!! [​IMG] PLEEEAAAASSSEEE>>>

    This one is FEZ.. Sultan mix???


    Goober.. any ideas???


    All three last week

    Lady Bug the fluff ball

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    fez looks like a silkie mix as sultans have pink legs as chicks and a v comb and vualted hocks

    goober looks like a bearded silkie mix

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