What breed is mom?


Dec 31, 2017
West Tennessee
I’ve had this little bantam hen for about a year. She has just hatched some chicks today. Can anybody tell me what breed she is? The dad to the chicks is a partridge silkie.


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Is that a rose comb? It looks more like single comb to me. Maybe could just be the pic? I did a google search of black chicken with white earlobes and Dutch Bantam came up. Take a scroll thru the images and take a look. Hopefully some of the breed experts on here will be able to help you out better. Good luck!
Single combed Rose Comb Bantam sports do pop up and some breeders keep them as they supposedly have better fertility.
I need a clear, side view picture of her earlobes specifically.
Rosecombs are supposed to have perfectly round small earlobes.
Spanish have larger, more oblong earlobes that extend farther forward towards the beak.

From my knowledge, she is a white faced black spanish bantam.

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