What breed is my chicken?


6 Years
Jul 15, 2016
I bought my chicken when she was about a week old from the local feed store along with the rest of my chicks, she was labeled as an Ameraucana but she has no muff or beard and she has greenish legs so I assume she is an EE? This is my second year raising chickens and I'm not super knowledgable about all the breeds so I dont know what breed she is but I think she's really cute and pretty
Any ideas on the different mix of chicken breeds she is?

Thanks that's what I thought I just wanted to be sure. Would anyone happen to know what she could be a mix of? I'm sure there are probably too many different breeds but I know what all of my other chickens are and just was interested in what breeds she might be.
Hatchery sourced Easter Eggers aren't really mixed breeds, at least not anymore mixed than any other hatchery breed. They just haven't been selectively bred to meet any sort of breed standard.
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