What breed is my chicken?


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Mar 3, 2018
Hellooo I had this chicken for a couple of years now and he’s my favorite one. I still don’t know what breed he is, i got him from the flea market since he was a chick. (The yellow chicken)
All three birds are Red Sex Links. Agree, they do kind of look beat up. How many roosters do you have? Do you have any more hens than those two?
Right now only him and two Muscovy ducks. I used to have three of those hens, only one hen made chicks but we have the chicks away. They were pretty all 6 were different colors. All three hens died of old age ( the time we recieved them they were old and barely payed any eggs) I used to have another red sex link but I gave away that one about two months ago. I’m only left with the sex link in the photo and two ducks :)

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